The Industry Edge

Get an edge over your competition with an exclusive manufacturing partnership with Hawk Tools. Hawk Tools Commercial Waterproofer drastically
enhances user experience with 10x the waterproofing performance and additives that prevent mold and UV damage for significantly better all
season performance. Apply to see if you qualify to manufacture with Hawk Tools solutions.

Knife Coating

The knife coating process is ideal for Commercial Waterproofer application at scale. Dip Squeezing is a common alternative. We provide technical support and assistance with your specific machinery and application process. No dryer, UV, or curing equipment required.

Recommended Application Equipment:

  • Pyradia coaters
  • Flare Tech
  • Monforts
  • Muratex
  • Retroflex
  • Brueckner
  • So many more


Coating Fabric With Canvas Waterproofer GIF

Process: 200 cP at 250° to 300° F for best results

Compatible Fabrics

  • Linen
  • Canvas
  • Hemp
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Synthetic Blended fabric up to 80/20.

International and Small Scale

We provide support for international and small batch production. You may qualify to manufacture Commercial Waterproofing under license. Please email us at: for more details.

Canvas Waterproofing Application for Small Factories GIF

The Performance

Major Tent Manufacturer Fabric AATCC 127 Test results

Before Treatment

Standard pressure resistance:

3.2 KPA

of head pressure

After Treatment

Standard pressure resistance:

29 KPA

of head pressure

Life in Tents AATCC 127 Results
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fabric Side: Treated Side
  • Water Temperature: 71° F Gradient: 60mbar/min
  • Tester: HT501-12 (Textest) | Modification: None

Major Tent Manufacturer canvas AATCC 30 Test Results

Hawk Tools provides the most potent mold prevention package of any fabric waterproofing compound in its class.

  • Treated sample 1. 98% Mold free
  • Not treated sample 2. 100% Mold covered

1. Treated

Fabric Sample Mold

2. Not Treated

Fire Retardant and self extinguishing astm d6413

Hawk Tools provides the most potent fire retardant package of any fabric waterproofer available.

  • Self Extinguishing
  • Non-Toxic
  • Halogen Free
  • No VOC
Canvas Wax Burn Test Lit
Canvas Wax Burn Test Extinguished


Traditional fabric wax conveys a classic sturdy look and feel. Now, this look is backed up with performance that exceeds expectations.

  • Deeper tone
  • No discolored creases
  • Uniform coloration
Canvas Waterproofer Coloration

Industry Standard

Avoid this Bell Tent Tragedy.


Tylol Logo

Developed by Hawk Labs™ Tylol© binds commercial waterproofer to synthetic and natural fibers for years of waterproofing performance. Fabric Ductility is increased 375% over standard material and abrasion resistance is beyond any fabric waterproofing compound available. Tylol in conjunction with UV and mold blocking compounds creates a fortress around woven fibers. This increase in performance comes with a compromise, weight. Expect a weight increase of 60%-80%.

We comply with: 21 CFR-178.371, 21 CFR-178.886