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DIY Sanitizer if we run out!

We have hand sanitizer available for the time being though our Store.

DIY Sanitizer

Hand Washing is always preferred to hand sanitizer use. When a sink is not around, hand sanitizer is your next best options to fight COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommends to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains from 60 to 75% alcohol.

Demand is high for sanitizer but we maintain stock here at Hawk Tools regardless of the rapid spread of the new coronavirus. Most retailers just cant keep up with demand for hand sanitizer. Raw materials such as bottles and commercial alcohol are rare commodities.

All it takes is four ingredients to make your own hand sanitizer with commonly available items at your local store . Read on to find out how.

We have Sani-Balm available if you experience dry skin with excessive sanitizer use.

How to Sanitizer

Jagdish Khubchandani, PhD, associate professor of health science at Ball State University, shared some great info.

The key to making effective hand sanitizer is to follow the  World Health Organization (WHO) recipe They recommend  alcohol content stay around 75 percent. This is the minimum amount needed to kill most germs, according to the CDC.

  • Wipe down your work area and choose a clean space
  • Wash your hands before making the hand sanitizer.
  • Use a disinfected mixing utensil such as a whisk.
  • Check the Alcohol percentage on the bottle.
  • Check that the mixture completely mixed.
  • Do Not Touch! until the ingredients are ins suspension.

The WHO  formula for a hand sanitizer:

  • Isopropyl alcohol or ethanol 90%
  • Hydrogen peroxide .125%
  • Aloe (Glycerine) 1.45%
  • Purified water 10%
The WHO Recommends the following equipment:
  • 10-litre glass or plastic bottles with screw-threaded stoppers (translucent so as to see the liquid level)
  • Wooden, plastic or metal paddles for mixing
  • Measuring cylinders and measuring jugs
  • Plastic or metal funnel
  • 500 ml glass or plastic bottles with screw top.
Use measuring cylinders to determine proper volumes for the final mixture and pour each ingredient into the 10-litre bottle. Mix thoroughly with paddles.Using the funnel, carefully pour the final mixture in the 500ml bottles with screw tops. Cap bottles and label as per the WHO requirement.

Is it effective?

The CDC claims that alcohol based sanitizers kill pathogens such as:

  • SARS
  • CoV-2
  • Rhinovirus
  • Coronavirus

According to the CDC, hand sanitizers won’t get rid of potentially harmful chemicals. It’s also not effective at killing the following germs:

Hand sanitizer does not work well if your hands are dirty or greasy. After working in the yard or enjoying a physical activity it is advised that you wash your hands before application.

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