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Face Mask Cleaner

Face Mask Cleaner is the ultimate face mask cleaner! 65% Isopropyl Alcohol blended with the finest Eucalyptus and Pine refresh your smelly mask for all-day comfort with a subtle fragrant flourish. If your face mask smells like vomit, we know how bad it can be. End mask mouth with a mask deodorizer that puts face mask stink in its place! Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a face mask refresh and eliminating mask breath! Additionally, few things can scare your loved ones more than a Smelly mask with a side of musty cheese, urine, and vinegar.

So, if you ever wonder how to make your face mask smell better, check out our article about how to clean a face mask. Additionally, the article will walk you through why your face mask smells bad and how to disinfect your mask. Also, so many people message us asking “why does my breath smell bad when wearing a face mask” and why my”face mask smells weird even after treating face mask bad breath with a spritz of face mask spray deodorizer.” Other products like face mask rescue spray or cloth mask refresher just don’t renew a smelly mask-like Hawk Tools Face Mask Refresher.

Face Mask Deodorizer

Never think “my face mask stinks” and that ” bad breath from behind my mask is scaring the children” again! Remember, natural Eucalyptus, Pine and Kosher ISO are how to beat mask breath. After writing this, I just realized my face mask stinks again! Like the instructions read, a couple of pumps of mask spray and 30 seconds is enough to stop the worst stinky mask breath or your smelly mask.

  • Face mask cleaner & deodorizer.
  • Mild eucalyptus & pine fragrance.
  • Easy spray-on formula.
  • All-day face mask deodorizer.
  • 3 pumps and you are on your way.

De-Stinkify your face mask

Soothing Pine & Eucalyptus

That awful stale breath stench is stinking up your mask again.. Its time to refresh and cleanse with Mask Cleaner. We know you don’t always have the chance to clean your mask. So, our perfect blend of Essential oils and 65% alcohol keeps your mask fresh all day.

Finally, this is the best mask deodorizer available. Like all Hawk Tools products, this is made in the U.S.A.and completely PFAS free! Also, check out our selection of Sani- products for the complete sanitizing package.

Eucalyptus in Barrel End



Stop the stink and nix that tired feeling with Cineole and limonene. An anti-inflamatory for the ultimate refresh.


Fresh Pine

Wake up to the grand forests of the Pocono range that stretch the great state of Pennsylvania.


Appelatian Water

Refreshing Appalachian spring water is pulled directly from natural springs in Pennsylvania.

Sani Spray Product Image Twin

Spritz & Enjoy

1. Two or three sprays on your mask is plenty.

2. Let it dry in the open for at-least 30 seconds.

3. Enjoy a re-freshed mask all day!

Sani-Spray Application Icons

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13 reviews for Face mask cleaner | Ultimate Deodorizer | Eucalyptus & Pine | 2oz Spray

  1. Kimberly Taylor

    Just excellent!

  2. Amelie Weber

    My mask smells great. Thanks.

  3. Julian Gordo

    5 Stars

  4. Danny Anerson

    The Eucalyptus forward blend pulls me right out of a slump mood.

  5. Sandra Brown

    Are you in any stores? Where can we get more spray here in Chicago.

  6. Steve Jal


  7. Leonid Ivonovich

    Best seller

  8. Gwyn Espenshade

    Its like waking up and being transported to lush forest of calming flowers. Life upgrade.

  9. Jose Hernandez

    Mask Lifesaver!

  10. Kelley Smith

    I like the smell but can you make it in a larger “family” size? The whole crew keeps using my bottle lol.

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