Fabric Waterproofer | 1qt Roll On UV & Rain Waterproofing [More Durable Than 303 Aerospace Protectant]

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Fabric Waterproofer

303 Aerospace Protectant beware, Ultra Durable Fabric Waterproofer is more durable and does a better job blocking harmful UV light than 303 Protectant. Waterproof your boat cover, bimini top, and all other fabrics with the best UV-resistant waterproofing available. We hear questions like “how to waterproof tarp” and “how to waterproof cover” all the time. It’s easy, just plug the included 12v heater into your helm’s cigar lighter port.  Place the can on a non-heat-sensitive surface. When liquid, roll on with a paint roller and let it cure overnight. That’s it, how to properly waterproof any fabric for years of rain-resistant performance.

Fabric Waterproofer Online

Check out this article on Instructables. Or our article about how to Wax Canvas.

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Marine Fabric Waterproofer

Tired of getting drenched out on the waves? We know how you feel, so grab a big ol’ bucket of the most durable fabric weatherproofer available. Ultra Durable Fabric Waterproofer is more durable and longer lasting than Starbrite or 303 with the added benefit of an easy “roll-on” application system.

First, we blend an environmentally friendly CnH2n+2 derivative with a blend of pine based sealant. Second, TYLOL is added to bond it to all natural and synthetic fibers. Third, we give you the best deal available. One quart of our concentrated weatherproofer mix. Additionally, there are no solvents, fillers or thinners, and its 100% active waterproofer.

Rolling on Fabric Waterproofer

Ultra Durable

What To Expect

Coverage per container: 465 sq. ft. (gal.); 116.25 sq. ft. (1 qt.)


Ultra Durable

Lasts for years

Easy Application

Environmentally friendly

UV Protection


Marine Fabric Waterproofer

There are no thinners or VOC’s to catch fire or asphyxiate you. A simple paint roller and 12V power port is all that’s needed to quickly waterproof your boat cover or bimini.

Please read our “How To” guide for more great info about the application process.

12 V

Heater Included

Ultra Durable


  • Sail Cloth
  • Finished Leather
  • Fiberglass
  • Rubber Parts
  • Fishing gear, Kayaks
  • Teak Wood
  •  Canvas Covers
  • Bimini Tops
  • Sunbrella Tops
Fabric Waterproofer on Outdoor Fabric
Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 4.25 × 4.9 in

14 reviews for Fabric Waterproofer | 1qt Roll On UV & Rain Waterproofing [More Durable Than 303 Aerospace Protectant]

  1. Peter Frick

    Fantastic performance in all seasons and conditions. Maine gets frightful in the winter months but Hawk Tool’s waterproofer keeps on keeping on. Recommended for extreme conditions.

  2. Jamal Brown

    BALLA Waterproofer Richard and team. BALLA

  3. Alexei Popov

    It darkened my bimini and I rolled too much on, some had to be scraped off with a putty knife. Just be aware that this is a very thick coating

  4. Edik Molitov

    My fabric looks like new now. It looks darker and refreshed, like it’s hydrated or wet.

  5. Evgenii Volkov

    It takes a while to melt and apply but it’s worth it for the durability.

  6. Fernando Alvarez


  7. Dave Kensington

    I had my doubts but fuck was I wrong. This goes on thick and will NOT wear off. I mean, rigging rubbing across it all day and it’s still minty. Well done sirs.

  8. Jenny Cooper

    It was the perfect gift for my husband. He plugged it in and rolled it on like a coat of clear paint. It smelled wonderful, like a pine forest.

  9. Amanda Little

    Buy the gallon for your boat cover. The quart only did half. It’s waterproofer, not much to say really.

  10. Sandy Chen


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