Canvas Bulk Waterproofer 55 LBS Slabs


Bulk Waterproofer

  • Wholesale pricing
  • The most durable fabric waterproofer available
  • UV Blocking
  • Mold Prevention
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The Industry Edge

Get an edge over your competition with an exclusive manufacturing partnership with Hawk Tools. Hawk Tools canvas waterproofer drastically
enhances user experience with 10x the waterproofing performance and additives that prevent mold and UV damage for significantly better all
season performance. Apply to see if you qualify to partner with Hawk Tools.

Knife Coating

The knife coating process is ideal for Canvas Waterproofer application at scale. We provide technical support and assistance with your specific machinery and application process.

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International and Small Scale

We provide support for international and small batch production.

The Performance

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Life in Tents AATCC 30 Performance

Hawk Tools provides the most potent mold prevention package of any fabric waterproofing compound.

Molded Fabric Sample LIT Non Molded Canvas Sample LIT
Life in Tents AATCC 127 Results

Material: LIT Cotton | Fabric Side: Treated Side | Water Temperature: 71° F Gradient: 60mbar/min | Tester: HT501-12 (Textest) | Modification: None

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Life in Tents DoekTec Fabric AATCC 127 Performance

Before Treatment

Standard pressure resistance:

3.2 KPA

of head pressure

After Treatment

Standard pressure resistance:

29 KPA

of head pressure

Hawk Tools keeps pooling water out better than any water repellent treatment. Your customers will experience a high standard of waterproofing performance.

Sporting Tylol

Tylol binds canvas waterproofer to synthetic and natural fibers for years of waterproofing performance.

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Canvas Waterproofing

Ultra Durable Canvas Waterproofing is the most durable canvas waterproofer for sale today for outdoor fabrics. It bests all competing waterproofing compounds in AATCC 127 Hydrostatic Pressure Method testing hands down. Also, it’s 347X more resistant to abrasion and wear over time.

The major differentiator is our proprietary blend. First, we start with an environmentally safe CnH2n+2 derivative and add a pine based sealant. Second, TYLOL is added to bond it to all synthetic and natural fibers. Finally, there are no solvents, thinners, PTFE or, PFAS, and it’s 100% concentrated waterproofer.

Never spray a stinky flammable mix onto fabric again, this non-toxic waterproofer comes with an included heater and is quickly rolled on with a common paint roller.

  • Restores water repellency to canvas fabrics
  • Ideal for bell tents, RV awnings, and canvas covers.
  • Powerful barrier against harmful UV rays
  • Mold blocking


Canvas Fabric Waterproofer

Remember, there are no toxic thinners or accelerants to catch fire or asphyxiate you. A simple paint roller and 12V power port is all that’s needed to quickly waterproof your Awning or Canvas Cover.

Check out our “How To” guide for more application process details.


What To Expect

Coverage: 45 sq. ft. (gal.); 11.25 sq. ft. (1 qt.) for virgin, heavy canvas fabric.

UV protection


Ultra durable

Lasts for years

Easy application

Environmentally friendly

Prevents mold and mildew
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Weight 880 oz
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 12 in


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