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Canvas Waterproofer being applied to canvas.

Canvas Waterproofer application

Rale-Tex is applied via knife roller to most canvas materials that meet our quality and consistency requirements. Click the link below to see if your textile company qualifies to carry the Rale-Tex name.

Slabs of Canvas waterproofer

Rale-Tex is shipped in 55 LBS boxes of slabbed waterproofer. To meet Rale-Tex standards, temperature, moisture, storage, and a host of other requirements must be adhered to for compliance. Application hardware can be purchased through Hawk Tools upon request. Please click the link to learn more about slab processing and equipment requirements.

Slabbed waterproofer
Rub-on fabric weatherproofing bar

Bespoke molding

Contact us for brand specific molds. Your company deserves the best fabric weatherproofing and your customers expect unparalleled quality, so make a statement on the face of bespoke Rale-Tex bar. All molds are manufactured and maintained on site. Detail and mold fidelity are the result of proprietary molding techniques and novel technologies that no off-shore company can match.