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Rale' Tex

Rale’ Tex waterproof fabric is available in Cotton and Nylon blended canvas.


Filling the need

Tech fabrics can’t hold up to extreme environments. Customers buy Rale’ Tex because it holds it’s own when the chips are down.

Sail Cloth

Fabric: 7 oz/sqyd before finishing, ~9.45 oz/sqyd after
238 GSM before finishing, ~321 GSM after finishing.
100% Cotton
Single ply yarns
$19.99 / yard before volume discount

AATCC 127 Extreme performance

30 KPA of Head

10oz Rale’ Tex waterproof duck performs better than GoreTex. Scotchgard, Kiwi, 303, and Starbrite, could hardly manage a single KPA of head pressure when applied to the same material. Water repellent tech coatings can’t handle sustained contact with water.

Extreme performance

Stopping Mildew

Fabric mildews when stored improperly or left outdoors. Rale’ Tex prevents mold and keeps customers smelling fresh. Sample D is treated canvas duck. Sample F is natural material.

Mold Samples

Canvas Duck

10.10 oz/sqyd before finishing, ~13.54 oz/sqyd after finishing
343 GSM before finishing, ~460 GSM after finishing.
100% Cotton
2 ply yarns
$21.99 / yard before volume discount

Hawk Tools guarantee


Hawk Tools stands behind the Rale’ Tex products with immediate customer service and technical support. Contact: info@hawktoolsusa for more about 3 tier support network.

Quality is our priority

Why Iso 9001

We maintain all industry standard quality management practices Our products are subjected to thorough lab tests and detailed reporting practices are the norm. Every batch is consistent and of the utmost quality. We test for: Dye color consistency, Water fastness, Fabric weave, consistency, Coating consistency, Wax fabric treatment application and much more.

18oz Canvas Duck

612 GSM before finishing, ~820 GSM after finishing.
100% Cotton, Plied yarns

Plain Weave

$26.95 / yard before volume discount

Canvas Waterproofer being applied to canvas.

Canvas Waterproofer application

Rale’ Tex is applied via knife roller to most canvas materials that meet our quality and consistency requirements. Click the link below to see if your textile company qualifies to carry the Rale’ Tex name.

Slabs of Canvas waterproofer

Rale’ Tex is shipped in 55 LBS boxes of slabbed waterproofer. To meet Rale’ Tex standards, temperature, moisture, storage, and a host of other requirements must be adhered to for compliance. Application equipment can be purchased through Hawk Tools upon request. Please click the link to learn more about slab processing and equipment requirements.

Slabbed waterproofer

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