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Canvas Waterproofer 1 Gallon | Ultra Durable | #1 Formula


  • The most durable canvas waterproofer
  • Mold & Mildew blocking
  • Stops UV fading
  • Concentrated formula
  • 12V heater included in can
  • Roll-on with a paint roller

Canvas Waterproofing

Canvas waterproofer is available without the included heater.

Place the gallon in a pot of simmering water for 60 minutes or until completely melted before application. Please follow the instructions on the can.

the right gear

Canvas waterproofer tools gif

Grab yourself a standard paint roller, heat gun, news paper and proper PPE.


Canvas waterproofer read instructions gif

Please read all instructions before use.

Plug it in

Place the can on a non heat-sensitive surface and plug it in.

Hot! No Touch

Canvas Waterproofer Hot Surface

The can will be come hot. Do Not Touch


Canvas Waterproofer Roll On

Once completely liquid, dip the paint roller directly into the can of Canvas Waterproofer and Roll-on in even strokes.

Heat Gun

Canvas Waterproofer Heat Gun

Use a heat gun to re-flow the waterproofer and even out the appearance.


Paraffin Icon

A paraffin base creates an ultra durable barrier to water for your fabrics.

Pine Pitch

Pine Ingredient Icon

Used by native peoples for millennia to waterproof bark canoes, shelters and clothing.

Ceria Oxide

Ceria Oxide Icon

Environmentally friendly alternative to Zinc Oxide for blocking UV light.

Methyl PAraben

Methyl Paraben Icon

Non-Toxic and food grade, Methyl paraben stops mold, smell, and mildew.


Tylol logo

Better than aerosols, this binder for natural and synthetic fibers that is pfas free and bio-degradable.

Roll-on gallon

Never spray a stinky flammable mix onto fabric again, this non-toxic waterproofer comes with an included heater and is quickly rolled on with a common paint roller.

  • Creates a waterproof barrier for canvas fabric.
  • Ideal for bell tents, RV awnings, and canvas covers.
  • Powerful barrier against harmful UV rays.
Canvas Waterproofer Roll On

Canvas Waterproofing

Ultra Durable Canvas Waterproofing is the most durable canvas waterproofer for sale today for outdoor fabrics. It bests Star Brite and 303 in AATCC 127 Hydrostatic Pressure Method testing hands down. Also, it’s 347X more resistant to abrasion and wear over time.

The major differentiator is our proprietary blend. First, we start with an environmentally safe CnH2n+2 derivative and add a pine based sealant. Second, TYLOL is added to bond it to all synthetic and natural fibers. Finally, there are no solvents, thinners, PTFE or, PFAS, and it’s 100% concentrated waterproofer.

Never spray a stinky flammable mix onto fabric again, this non-toxic waterproofer comes with an included heater and is quickly rolled on with a common paint roller.

  • Restores water proof performance to canvas fabrics
  • Ideal for bell tents, RV awnings, and canvas covers.
  • Powerful barrier against harmful UV rays
Canvas Waterproofer Front

The most durable

Canvas Fabric Waterproofer

Remember, there are no toxic thinners or accelerants to catch fire or asphyxiate you. A simple paint roller and 12V power port are all that’s needed to quickly waterproof your Awning or Canvas Cover.

Check out our “How To” guide for more application process details.


What to expect

Coverage per container: 45 sq. ft. (gal.)

Suitable For UV Protection

Suitable For Concentrated

Suitable For Ultra Durable

Suitable For Lasts for years

Suitable For Easy Application

Suitable For Environmentally friendly

RV Awning

10 reviews for Canvas Waterproofer 1 Gallon | Ultra Durable | #1 Formula

  1. Jarred Smith

    It’s great!

  2. Peter Johan (verified owner)

    The heater took 30 minutes to melt everything liquid so it took an hour to waterproof my bell tent. It smells great and went on easy enough.
    -Update – It rained this past weekend and not a drop of rain got in. Not only that but tree sap and dirt fell off with a light brushing. The thickness of the waterproofer coating keeps stuff from sticking.

  3. Emily Christiansen (verified owner)

    How did I not find this sooner…

  4. Leo Taylor (verified owner)

    Starbrite does not work on canvas. They say it will work on the gallon but water seeps right through. After a long and heated conversation with customer service, they just said I applied it wrong. I put down five coats and it is still not waterproof. Just buy canvas waterproofer, it actually works and customer service is impeccable.

  5. John Evans (verified owner)

    This is a super durable coating for canvas. It fills seams and is very flexible. Moisture never builds up inside, I don’t know how these guys do it.

  6. Kyle Jameson (verified owner)

    The can get’s hot and can leave rings in plastic decking. The waterproofer is the best tho.

  7. Peter J. (verified owner)

    Product works very well. A heat gun helps with application. Make sure you apply on a warm day. Works better than Filson wax.

  8. Guy James (verified owner)

    There are not many options for a proper canvas waterproofer available anymore. The homebrew mixes online are not durable and stray too far from the blends used back in the day (in the worst sort of way). This has zinc and pine pitch. So, it’s got the UV protection of modern waterproofer and classic ingredients that voyageurs relied on for life and limb. Make sure to support heritage products like this.

  9. Elsa Schneider (verified owner)

    When are you getting more in stock?

  10. Brent Beggs (verified owner)


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