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Hawk Tools Ultimate Fabric Wax 2oz Bar of Awesome


Clean Matte

Hawk Tools fabric wax applied to a traditional canvas jacket.

No discolored creases and grease marks. A consistent matte sheen will radiate warm light for a more refined waxed canvas look.


Rub-on fabric weatherproofing bar

A bar, hair dryer and elbow grease is all that’s needed to transform your fabric.

Dry feel

Waxed Hat

Dry wax wont rub-off like wet wax. It adds a tooth and rugged leathery toughness to textiles.


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A paraffin base creates an ultra durable barrier to water for your fabrics.

Pine Pitch

Pine Ingredient Icon

Used by native peoples for millennia to waterproof bark canoes, shelters and clothing.

Ceria Oxide

Ceria Oxide Icon

Environmentally friendly alternative to Zinc Oxide for blocking UV light.

Methyl PAraben

Methyl Paraben Icon

Non-Toxic and food grade, Methyl paraben stops mold, smell, and mildew.


Tylol logo

Better than aerosols, this binder for natural and synthetic fibers that is pfas free and bio-degradable.

Rub-On Bar

  1. Remove the bar from Packaging.
  2. Rub on in even strokes and use a hair dryer to help melt the bar and saturate the fabric.
  3. Enjoy the Fabric Weatherproofing experience.
Wax Bar Application Graphic

Heritage and performance

Pop into a heritage look with real world performance. Traditional fabric wax is the mainstay of arctic explorers and landed gentry.

  • Safe for use on polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, leather, suede, and more
  • Creates durable protection from the elements with just one application
  • Repels water during use and in storage
  • Fabric maintains adequate breath-ability
  • Dries with a pine scent
  • One bar provides 60 sq. ft. of water resistance on light nylon or 20 sq. ft. on heavier fabrics
  • Will last for generations.

Forme Industrious

Check out what the industry is saying about it.

7 reviews for Hawk Tools Ultimate Fabric Wax 2oz Bar of Awesome

  1. Phillip Carr (verified owner)

    I use this to touch up my Filson Tin Packer Hat.

  2. Michala Buonarrotego (verified owner)

    Buy the larger bar if you have something the size of a jacket. This is on point for a bag or hat.

  3. James Hunt (verified owner)


  4. Boris Ivanovich (verified owner)

    Better than Fjallravens Greenland Wax for sure. Don’t waste your money on that crumbly garbage.

  5. Otto Webber (verified owner)

    Smells like pine for a week and gradually evens out. I had to buy the larger bar..

  6. John Bell (verified owner)

    Quality products and people are equally scarce commodities in this troubled time. Richard Cunningham is a stand gent with proper respect for people and heritage. The wax is top shelf as well. Cheers.

  7. Timothy C. (verified owner)

    When used correctly it works great. First time I did not use heat gun. Fool me once, heat gun really is the key. Take your time and it turned out great. I am talking about my haversack. I have since done a bedroll 60″x90″ this thing turned out fantastic. Take Your Time.

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