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Dauber Palm Brush Hawk Tools | Soft Bristles | 1 Ultimate Horse Hair Brush


Craftsmanship + Dauber palm brush

Hand-turned oak handle Dauber Palm Brush with horse hair bristles and a stroke of old-world craftsmanship. Our Horsehair is harvested locally and selected for quality and consistency. Only medium to fine bristles are selected and strict quality control measures ensure that you receive the best applicator for Hawk Tools leather and fabric care products.

Saddle soap lather on a boot

Apply ultimate wax and much more

Apply Fabric Dressing into difficult to access areas of your article. Brush off excess wax after curing. Our dauber is also designed to easily apply Hawk Tools leather care products.

Suitable For Great for cleaning leather and fabric

Suitable For Durable construction for superior service life

Suitable For Small size for detail application

Suitable ForErgonomic grip for total control

Dauber Palm Brush Durability

Varnished Oak keeps our palm brush looking and working better for longer. Additionally, our bristles are hand inserted into the polished handle and treated with a conditioner to extend bristle life.

Dauber palm brush transparent background
Dauber Palm Brush with Heat Gun and a boot

Superior Materials

Our natural horse hair bristles are carefully selected for long life and medium density. Each brush size measures are 2.75 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch.

11 reviews for Dauber Palm Brush Hawk Tools | Soft Bristles | 1 Ultimate Horse Hair Brush

  1. Tzar Danzig (verified owner)

    These are small but they hold up to abuse. The construction is excellent and the bristles don’t frey under heavy scrubbing and easily tackle saddle soap application. The handles are coated in a urethane so they can get slick but the shape works with your palm to give great leverage. For what they are, these will suit their intended task.

  2. Kim Anderson (verified owner)

    This brush is more durable than you would expect for the size and price. I would recommend to a friend.

  3. Vic Kelley (verified owner)

    Great little brush, not much to say.

  4. Kevin Mckinley (verified owner)

    The bristles are a bit too soft for heavy-duty tasks.

  5. Virginia R. Wallace (verified owner)

    Quality brush.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Larry Anthony (verified owner)

    American made and made well. What can I say? It works so I am buying more for the team.

  8. Richard M. (verified owner)

    Brush worked as it should and was helpful in applying the wax products

  9. Heather Tames (verified owner)

    The brush is holding it’s own. It isn’t big but it works hard and that’s all I can ask.

  10. Israel Arnowitz (verified owner)

    The paper holder ripped pretty quickly, something like plastic would be better.

  11. Juan Carlos (verified owner)

    It works and feels like high quality.

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