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Fabric Wax | Traditional Beeswax Ultra Durable 5oz Bar | Mold & UV Protection


  • Keeps water out of fabric
  • Extreme durability
  • Prevents Abrasion
  • Blocks Mold
  • Stops Fabric Breakdown from UV light
  • Concentrated Bar

Rain Proof

Guy with waxed jacket in the rain

Hawk Tools Fabric Wax is the highest-performing wax available for fabrics. It achieves an industry leading 23 KPA of hydro-static head pressure in AATCC 127 testing.

Blocks UV

Your fabrics will not fade or degrade in sunlight. No other traditional fabric wax comes close.

Stops Mold

No more mold and stink. Mold will ruin your jacket. Never experience, odor, discoloration, or bloom again.


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Local beeswax is blended with our non-toxic wax formula for natural peak performance.

Pine Pitch

Pine Ingredient Icon

Used by native peoples for millennia to waterproof bark canoes, shelters and clothing.

Ceria Oxide

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Environmentally friendly alternative to Zinc Oxide for blocking UV light.

Methyl PAraben

Methyl Paraben Icon

Non-Toxic and food grade, Methyl paraben stops mold, smell, and mildew.


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Better than aerosols, this binder for natural and synthetic fibers that is pfas free and bio-degradable.

Rub-On Bar

  1. Remove the bar from Packaging.
  2. Rub on in even strokes and use a hair dryer to help melt the bar and saturate the fabric.
  3. Enjoy the studly wax canvas experience.
Wax Bar Application Graphic

Forme Industrious Review

More Than Wax

Before we begin, there are a few things to clarify. Hawk Tools Fabric Wax is for extreme environments and the people who work, explore and thrive in adverse conditions. If this sounds like you, read on. Hawk Tools manufactures the best waterproofing wax, bar none. More specifically, blending the best of traditional methods and modern refinements for an advanced formula that both repels water and mud while creating a waxy barrier that resists severe abrasion. First, Beeswax and natural oils soak into the fabric, totally saturating the material and leaving a wet sheen that is impervious to dirt, mud, and rain. Second, our proprietary wax blend binds these ingredients to your gear with a tailored molecular carbon chain engineered for the task. Third, we make sure this groundbreaking blend is thermally and UV stable with industry-standard testing procedures.

Also, we make sure that our Fabric Weatherproofer is resistant to rot as compared to some other all-natural proofing products on the market. All of this is accomplished without the use of toxic chemicals commonly found in other waterproofing agents. Undoubtedly all this and this with unparalleled adhesion and stability guarantees years of uninterrupted service. Check out our article on Insturctables for more info.

11 reviews for Fabric Wax | Traditional Beeswax Ultra Durable 5oz Bar | Mold & UV Protection

  1. Todd Harris

    Awesome product.

  2. Bradley Novack (verified owner)

    good stuff.. works well

  3. Lin Chiang (verified owner)

    Awesome and piney!

  4. Hank Kendel (verified owner)

    The bar rubs on easily and it looks fantastic. The pine smell ain’t half bad either. Where do I sign up to get some of these into my stores?

  5. Lucas Miles (verified owner)

    I like the new packaging and the bar is easier to grip. Thanks for an awesome product Hawk Tools team!

  6. Brett (verified owner)

    Worked very well

  7. Emille Francois (verified owner)

    Smells nice and looks great. You can apply it really heavy and polish it down to look like oilcloth. Or just use a hairdryer to help it soak in and keep the natural fabric look. My jacket is waterproof and looks great. This is one of the few canvas waterproofing products that work.

  8. Paul Cook (verified owner)

    The packaging is just ok, but the bar works really, really well.

  9. Savarin Peskov (verified owner)

    I just ordered another four bars. I can’t express how good these are at keeping the rain out!

  10. Anthony Daniels (verified owner)

    The package was a bit smooshed on arrival but the waterproofer works really well. I recommend!

  11. Andy Wilson (verified owner)

    The best fabric waterproofer for sure. The Otter Wax that I had began to rot and turn brown.

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