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Leather Salve

Hawk Tools Ultimate Leather Salve penetrates dry and worn leather with time-tested PH neutral ingredients. In a nutshell, this means a revitalized supple restoration of your leather. First, durable oils and Castor oil penetrate the top grain and soak deep into the corium (the middle part of the leather). So, this blend will leave your leather completely hydrated and supple.

Second, lanolin and coco butter hydrates the outer layers and retains the oil in the corium. In effect, this will restore the feel and prevent leather rot. Third, Beeswax seals and imparts a matte finish to prevent further drying or damage. Finally, all Hawk Tools products contain no toxic chemicals, dyes, fillers or PFAS so your skin will stay healthy too. Additionally, Leather Salve is safe to use on all types and colors and smooth leather.

For all leathers

Tack, Straps, Chaps, Bags, Boots, Hats and so many more leather goods need hydration from time to time. Don’t let your leather dry and crack, nab natural leather salve and revitalize before it’s too late!

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10 reviews for Leather Salve | Extreme Hydration | Castor Oil | Lanolin | Beeswax | Coco Butter |

  1. Lenny Matthews (verified owner)

    Very good!

  2. Keith Johnson (verified owner)

    This salve is non toxic. Look at the ingredients in Feibings. They must have raided a soviet chemical warfare lab for that shit. A+++++ Keep it up guys.

  3. Felix Alvarez (verified owner)

    Deep hydration is spot on, my saddle bags look and feels new again.

  4. Alex Kendle (verified owner)

    Pretty good but get saddle soap and scrub the dirt off first. It will trap in grit if yyu dont.

  5. Emily Christiansen (verified owner)

    I will give it five stars, it works better than my home made lanolin mix and looks right too. A+

  6. Leanne Applewood (verified owner)


  7. Taylor Lee (verified owner)

    My leather feels new again and it doesn’t smell like chemicals.

  8. Luciana DeLeon (verified owner)

    You need to make a leather care kit of sorts with everything in it.

  9. Kelsie Baeg (verified owner)

    This salve has a natural sort of smell and semi-soft feel. When you get scrubbing with the little brush, it starts soaking into the leather and gets plump and restored. The leather perks up and straightens out to normal. The cracks heal themselves and all.

  10. George Hernandez (verified owner)

    Read the ingredients!!! Lots of the leather care at the big retailers are all chemicals and no substance. PH neutral is the way to go!

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