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Saddle Soap | Exclusive Lanolin & Olive Soap | PH Neutral | Ideal 2.1oz


Powerful leather cleanser
Restores leather color and appearance
Natural Lanolin and oils
PH Neutral

The perfect combo

Not all Saddle Soap is the same, read on to understand the Hawk Tools difference. Hawk Tools Saddle Soap removes embedded dirt and grime from smooth leather to leave it with a soft luster and supple texture. Great for rough and smooth leather boots, shoes, and other leather items such as bags, gloves, and jackets. For more about the application process, check out our guide to cleaning leather boots here. For the perfect combo, pick up a can of Leather Salve and Leather Protectant for a complete leather care combo. Additionally, Walmart may offer a better price here.

How To:

  • Warm up some water and prepare a cloth
  • Dip a cloth in water and wipe down your leather product
  • Dip a Hawk Tools palm brush into the Saddle Soap and gently scrub off built-up dirt and grease
  • Wipe down with a clean cloth
  • Apply Hawk Tools Leather Salve to hydrate and restore your leather frequently


The Right Formula

Tired of toxic chemicals in your soap? So are we!

Hawk Tools Saddle Soap is formulated to work on all leather products, not just boots. The finest Olive Soap, Lanolin and blend of natural oils protect and restore your dirty and damaged leather.

The lather works down into dirt and grease to pull it away without breaking down the oils that form naturally within leather. This works perfectly for boots, belts, jackets, bags, saddles and so much more.

The best leather care

  • Finest natural ingredients
  • Cleans and nourishes all leathers
  • Lathers to lift off stuck on dirt and grease
  • Easy application with a Palm Brush

9 reviews for Saddle Soap | Exclusive Lanolin & Olive Soap | PH Neutral | Ideal 2.1oz

  1. Danny So-yeon (verified owner)

    Smells like a mix of olives and boot wax but it works good.

  2. Tankest (verified owner)

    Good Soap. Gets a thumbs up.

  3. Geof (verified owner)

    This saddle soap smokes Fiebings. It pulls oil stains out of my work boots and softens too. I work at a shop and my boots get drenched in brake clean and tranny fluid. I don’t know what magic snuck its way into this can but this shit works!

  4. Dana Hart (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how much dirt this Saddle Soap pulled out. After a good thirty minutes of elbow grease, and three washings, the suds stopped turning up brown. My purse looks new again. Recommend.

  5. Bret MacLerie (verified owner)

    This is proper soap. I can’t believe the grime hiding in my belt. It took two washes to get all the black crud out. What was once dry and cracked is now soft and healthy. Your other products are next so stay posted for more!

  6. Colin Lewis (verified owner)

    Thanks for finally labeling your tin with the ingredients. Top notch as always. Just make sure not to drench your leather with too much water. Unfortunately, it took two days to completely dry my boots enough for Salve application.

  7. Robert Young (verified owner)

    This blend is so much better than my home brew shampoo and lanolin.

  8. Leonard Ferguson (verified owner)

    Works great and does not feel like a detergent or chemical compound. Your leather is a natural product and needs natural cleaners to stay fresh for a lifetime.

  9. May Smith (verified owner)

    The perfect stocking stuffer for your man.

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