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How to wax a jacket

This is the quick and condensed guide to properly waterproof a jacket. Unlike our extensive article about waxing, this brakes down the fundamentals and will get you waterproof in no time!

Getting caught out in the rain is no fun without the proper get up. Sailors and adventurers of old would soak canvas with fish oil or paraffin to repel rain and sea spray. Today we rely on ultra light weight synthetic rain gear for the task. Unfortunately, like most products today, a jacket is only meant to last long enough for you to buy another. Lets get you sorted with a time tested weatherproofing method for the long haul. Lets wax a jacket.

Dressing as a base layer

For virgin material or well worn waxed canvas. It’s best to completely strip any remaining wax and thoroughly clean it before laying down a new base layer. Check out this video for some insight into the process.

A. Prep


Before we waterproof a jacket, keep in mind that the fabric weatherproofing will permanently trap dirt and stains. Additionally, wash your jacket and use a lint roller to clean off any additional fibers or debris. Remember, to let it dry and heat up the surface of your jacket with a blow dryer. If not, the wax will bind and be difficult to spread.

B. Waterproof a Jacket


First, make sure to test some wax in an inconspicuous area. Application is simple, rub the bar in long even strokes with constant pressure. The faster your rub, the warmer the jacket becomes, softening the wax and making it easier to apply to the jacket. Use the corners and edges of the bar to get into crevices or up close to rivets and leather.

Fingers are your friend, use them to work wax deep into the fibers. Then, use the blow dryer to slowly and evenly reheat the canvas. Using your hands, work the wax into the canvas again, helping it to penetrate the fabric. 


C. Dry Your Jacket


After completing this historic process, hang up your newly minted passage to manhood in a warm, dry area. Allow it to dry and cure over night.

The diy process to waterproof a jacket isn’t complicated. And beyond the practical benefits of repelling water and dirt, a waterproof jacket will protect you from the rain for years of uninterrupted service, with a rugged and weathered patina that you just earned. Check out our studly weatherproofing kit for ease of maintenance.


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