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Stay dry with fabric weatherproofer

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State of the art

Dry Textile Wax

Traditional dry wax coatings for heritage fabric outerwear. Ten fold the performance of heritage blends, respecting the old world and embracing the new.

State of the art

Rale' Tex Fabrics

The most durable fabric waterproofer is now pre-applied by select brands. Look for the Rale’ tex tag for the ultimate performance in outdoor fabrics.

State of the art manufacturing

Check out our state of the art domestic manufacturing processes and our quality control standards.

Traditional Weatherproofing

Bell Tent Waterproofer

Your Bell tent will start leaking after a season or two. A gallon of Hawk Tools Canvas Weatherproofing will keep your tent working like new for years with the added benefit of mold and UV blockers.

A 12V port, paint roller, and, heat gun is all you need to succeed. Check out our article about the application process here.

Waxed bell tent
Max on a boat with marine fabric waterproofer

Ultra Durable

Marine Fabric Waterproofer

Your marine fabric deserves the most durable fabric weatherproofer available. This heat activated gallon seals canvas and most non-acrylic based fabrics against harsh salt water and rain. With added UV and mold blocking compounds, your fabric will perform like new for years.

Just plug into a 12V socket and roll on.

Traditional waterproofer for all fabrics

Easy Rub-on Bar

Brush on dressing


Fabric Care

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