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More Than Waterproofer

Commercial Supply

Fabric Waterproofing

Fabric Weatherproofer 5oz Bar Gold Background

Ultimate Saddle Soap

Stay Dry

Never weatherproofed your fabric before? The complete kit will get you sorted.

Ultra Durable

Salt spray and sunlight ruins everything. Your marine fabric deserves better. A studly blend of UV and mold blockers are reinforced with TYLOL, bonding the blend to synthetic and natural fibers for years nautical protection against the elements.

Just plug into a 12V socket and roll on.

Traditional Weatherproofing

Your Canvas will start leaking after a season or two. Not to worry, a gallon of Ultra Durable Canvas Waterproofer will keep you dry and block mold and UV from ruining your next outdoor experience.

Treat your whole tarp with canvas waterproofer or spot proof suspect areas with a bar of studly waterproofing goodness.

Keep Water Out!

Waterproof your bag, jacket & hat

Your jacket deserves a layer of water blocking goodness. Any fabric can be weatherproofed with the right studly combo.

Smaller fabric items only need a few oz’s of weatherproofing.

Fabric Waterproofing

fabric Care

Easy Rub-On Bar

Rub on a studly coating of durable waterproofing. Now reinforced with Tylol.

Brush on Dressing

Heavy weight canvas needs Fabric Dressing. It easily soaks in and creates and even base layer.


Clean and apply Fabric Wax with a natural Dauber Palm Brush. There is no replacement for horsehair.

Leather Care

Your leather is sensitive. Big box leather care products contain harsh chemicals, preservatives and fillers. Hawk Tools Leather Care is naturally formulated to last. Click the link to learn more.

Saddle Soap Product Image

Lather Up!

PH Neutral Saddle Soap

Your leather deserves a good scrub. Natural Lanolin and Olive Soap penetrate the grain and pull dirt and grime to the surface.

No harsh chemicals ever. Your leather deserves the very best!


Deep Moisture Salve

Soften your leather with Castor Oil & Lanolin blended with Beeswax to preserve leather fibers and trap moisture in.

Make sure to seal the deal with Leather Protectant as a barrier against dirt and the elements.


Ultra Durable Protectant

Beeswax, Castor Oil and our proprietary blend of waxes crate a durable waxy outer coating for your leather. Make sure to properly clean and hydrate with saddle soap and salve before sealing your leather.

No harsh chemicals ever. Your leather deserves the very best!

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